Palaeoecology Research Services


In addition to providing a range of services for the evaluation, assessment and full analysis of biological remains from archaeological sites, we also supply equipment for the storage and on-site processing of samples:

  • Wet sieving/flotation tanks* for the recovery of small mammal, bird and fish bones, artefacts, and charred plant remains
  • Plastic tubs (11 litre maximum capacity) for the storage of sediment samples
  • Nylon mesh in 2 mm, 1 mm and 500 micron sizes
  • Waterproof labels (Tyvek)

For any further information and details on availability please contact us.

For a list of current prices please click here current price list.


*Please note that sieving tanks and riddling frames are made to order and allow six weeks for delivery from the date of your order


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